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           D.O.B. SEPTEMBER 19, 1912

           D.O.D. FEBRUARY 7, 2007

For all of your great wisdom Ed, We now know are calling, it is to give back! We will always love you...

God Bless you and Jewel Kaufman!

Our resource/community room is named "Kaufman House" in honor of our late Pastor, Ed Kaufman. Ed Kaufman Pastor-ed over Foy & Susan for many years! He stood by us even during our times of trouble. He always told us that God had a plan for us, for that we are Grateful and we now understand...

"God Bless"

Our Motto:

ASK: and it shall be given to you.

SEEK: and you shall find.

KNOCK: and the door will be opened to you.

matthew 7:7

Our Song:

Garth Brooks: "We shall be free"

DONATIONS: We do not accept Clothes of any sort. Please donate your clothing items to a treatment center near you.

However, we do accept cash donations and appreciate anything you wish to help Angels Way Sober Living with. Please donate on our Donate/Payment portion of the website all is tax deductible.

Thank you.

"Angels Way" Is Named in Honor of "2" Special Angels in Foy & Susan's life: Ed Kaufman, Pastor and Daniel Mentor/Friend. There are not 2 greater men that have a gift so great that God has blessed these two men with; in giving back to society and teaching others to Love, have faith, be patient and always give to others!

Thank - you for being patient & teaching us how to mature.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO MAKE A DONATION, PLEASE Go to our "Payment/Donate" Page.

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