Angels Way Sober Living - Sober Living
"Our friendly staff has extensive knowledge about living in sobriety."
We, ourselves are former alcoholic/addicts who have successfully entered into 30 day treatment programs and went on to live in Sober Living Environments and follow the 12 Step program! 
With this knowledge base, we are here to offer the support and guidance needed to help others recover and lead a successful sober life. Because, It Works If you Work It!
Sober living homes are a key recovery source for people struggling with Alcohol/Drug Addiction.  They provide guests with a Comfortable, sober environment in which to heal physically and emotionally.  Sober living homes offer affordable housing and recovery support for people with some ability to pay for sobriety support.  Sober living homes have some limits, however; and, are unable to provide medical services.
After drug and alcohol rehab or detox, the goal of a sober living home is to provide a clean and sober environment for recovering addicts.  Often, the transition into a clean and sober life can be difficult.  Addicts often successfully rid themselves of drugs or alcohol, but don't make the necessary changes to live a sober life.
                                     1. WEEKLY ALCOHOL/DRUG TESTING
                            2.  FREE WiFi, FREE COMPUTER's, FREE                                                       PRINTER's
                            3.  FREE CABLE T.V.
                            4.  FREE WEIGHT WORK OUT AREA
                            5.  FREE RECREATIONAL PING-                                                                         PONG/BASKETBALL
                            6.  FREE SWIMMING POOL (SUMMER TIME                                                 ONLY!)
                            7.  FREE BEDDING, FREE PILLOWS, FREE BATH                                       TOWELS (Only during your stay)
                            8.  GRASS Recreation Area
                            9.  FREE UN-LIMITED LONG DISTANCE PHONE
                           10. 2 DIFFERENT BARBECUE'S FOR OUTDOOR        
                                  COOKING: WOOD CHIPS/CHARCOAL & 
                            11.  FREE WASHER'S/DRYER'S
        Private on-site Counseling Available:  $35.00 Hourly
                (Sorry, NO Health Insurance being accepted!)

            Weekly Process Group for all Angels Way Guests:  
                                           Included with Fee's.
                                                   Apartment Style Living:   
                                      $950.00per person (Monthly) 
                      +10.00 Household fee = 960.00

                                       Bungalow Apartment
                                        $825.00 per person (Monthly)
                                       +10.00 Household fee= $835.00

A Sober Living Bed can be held for a certain length of time with a Deposit {Non-Refundable!!}  For more information on holding a bed as a bed comes available please call to discuss with Foy Curry, Owner/President.                            
Each Angels Way Sober Living GUEST receives his own private bed, pillow, sheets, comforter, bath towel, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, cleaning supplies,  (All within a monthly limit/with max quantity limit!  TOILETRIES ARE A PART OF THE $10 MONTHLY FEE.) 
 You will meet others in recovery, and learn to share responsibilities, do chores, hold down a job/go to school/Outpatient Recovery or Volunteer,  mandatory 12 step meetings/bible study; as well as coping with one another and how to problem solve living together in a Sober Living Environment.  This alone will teach you what it takes to rebuild your life and learn to live a successful lifestyle within your community.

It is recommended  a client should reside within a Sober Living Home from 3 months minimum to 1 year maximum!  2 years is the absolute Maximum we can allow a client to reside at Angels Way.  Thank you.

WE have a strict  3 BAG(clothing) Limit 
upon entry of the grounds of Angels Way Sober Living! 

Each individual has their own food pantry as well as refrigerator/freezer shelves, toiletry shelves and closet space.  We ask parents/grandparents to please not enable your child/grandchild by bringing them more items after they have entered into the sober living home!  We will check bags at the door, and if there is more than a 3 bag limit you will have to remove items!!  Thank you
What is it that you FEAR the most?  It is FEAR itself!  WE must learn new coping mechanisms in order to deal and walk through our FEARS!
Remember: "One Day At A Time"
Change isFEAR;Baby steps....
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