Angels Way Sober Living - Payment/Donate

 We apologize for any inconvenience but our charges for use of credit card charges keeps going up.  As of this new year Jan. 2016 we are now paying at least 25.00 service fee per charge.  We are willing to split that cost in half with you at this time.
Thank you for understanding and using our online payment source.

 Parents and/or Residents; 
You agree once you submit a payment online you agree that you and only you have submitted this payment via paypal/creditcard and only you have entered all your own personal information!  You agree this payment is made for the services rendered on a monthly basis to Angels Way Sober Living & Treatment Center, Inc.  You agree not to contest any payment set forth for services rendered for you son recovering for Addiction!!  Thank you. 

If you agree to this monthly board fee and terms, then you can proceed to make your payment.  Angels Way Sober Living & Treatment Center, Inc. Is a licensed facility, we thank you for your timely payment.

         900.00(Monthly Fee)
          +12.50 Credit card fee  
        912.50 Total Charge

Payment for Bungalow Room - Only 2 Men per room: 

            $800,00 (Monthly Fee)
                +12.50 Charge Fee
             $812.50  Total Fee

  Please help us help others Recover from  one of the most powerful mind altering substances in the WORLD: 
If you are paying a pro-rated amount 
please make your payment here:  follow each step by step and put in the exact amount as  quoted to you.  On 2nd page "add note for recipient" please fill that in with name of resident.  Thank you. 
Please Help Others by Forming a "GRANT FUND" For Angels Way Sober Living & Treatment Center.
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